Have you ever considered a career as a Ship's Doctor, Nurse or Paramedic?

Cruise Line Medical Recruitment, a Medical Recruitment Agency in South Africa, specialises in Medical Cruise Liner jobs for Ship Doctors, Nurses and Advanced Life Support Paramedics.

The Cruise Line Industry has expanded immensely over the last few years, resulting in bigger and more spectacular ships sailing to more and exotic destinations worldwide than ever before. Consequently, there has been an extensive development of career and work opportunities for doctors, nurses and paramedics on these floating luxury hotels. It is really possible to work in a first world medical environment and experience the adventure of cruising the world to such exotic destinations as Alaska, the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Asia and tropical islands of the Pacific to mention but a few.

The experience of a lifetime while pursuing your career

While practicing medicine, our successful candidates are traveling from cosmopolitan cityscapes to ancient ruins, short island hops to exhilarating coastal cruising, guaranteed of an experience of a lifetime. These luxury liners cover the most stunning cruising grounds, old favourites and many exciting and innovative new destinations.

Contact us

If you have what it takes to pursue a career in such a dynamic and adventurous environment and would like to apply for the position of doctor, nurse or paramedic on board a cruise liner, please e-mail Dr Mandrid Blignaut at applications@cruiselinemedrecruit.com  or click on the e-mail link below.

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer South African doctors and nurses who qualify for placement, the widest variety and some of the most superior choice of working environments that any international maritime medical professional can hope for.